Flags of Russian Empire

Merchant flag of the Empire 1693-1700 was white with black double-headed eagle.

merchant flag

Merchant flag from 20, January, 1705 - white-blue-red tricolour.

state flag. 1858

State flag since 11, June 1858 was black-yellow-white.

Black and yellow - colours of state coat of arms. White - colour of St.George.

naval ensign

Naval ensign since beginning of XVIII c. - white with blue St.Andrew`s cross.

St.Andrew was the patron of Russia from times of Peter I. He was the first christian preacher in territory of Russia

honoured ensign

Honoured naval ensign (since 1819) - St.George`s Ensign.

Mounted St.George (from Moscow city arms) in the centre of the Andrew`s flag. Several hero-ships were awarded with this flag.

naval jack

Naval jack and flag of naval fortresses.

pilot flag

Pilot flag


Naval Standard of Emperor

The double-headed eagle holding in his claws 4 maps of seas

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