Vexillographia - Flags of Moldova
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state flag

Current state flag of Moldova was adopted by Supreme Soviet of Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic on 27, April, 1990. It consists of three vertical stripes: blue, yellow, red (similar to romanian flag), there are the coat of arms in the centre of the flag.

Flag of Army is blue with red cross fimbriated yellow and army emblem in the centre. Emblem looks like eagle with moldavian escutcheon on his breast.

civic defence flag

The flag of Department of Civil Defence ond Extraordinary situations is blue with national flag in canton, emblem in the centre and motto "PROTECTIE-SALVARE-AJUTORARE" below the emblem.

flag of Chisinau

Flag of Chisinau, capital of Moldova, is white with coat of arms and yellow-brown wum stripe.

Dniester flag

Flag of Dniester Republic Self-proclaimed Dniester Moldavian Republic (Transdniestria) exists in east of Moldova. Moldavian authorities does not recognize it. The flag of Dniester Republic repeats a flag of former Moldavian SSR (1952)

gagauz flag

Gagauzes - turks people lived in south of Moldova. Gagauz authonomy was established in 1994. On 31, October, 1995 the flag of Gagauz-Eri was adopted. It consists of three stripes: red, white and blue. There are three golden stars near the hoist.

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