Flags of BSSR 1920-1990

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Sources: A. Basov and I.Kurkov "Flags of Belarus yesterday and today"

flag of BSSR 1920

In 1920 Socialist Soviet Republic of Belarus was proclaimed. Flag of the republic was modeled in 1919, and it is based on a reconstruction. In 1922, the SSRB joined the USSR.

flag BSSR 1927

Flag of BSSR, 1927, according Constitution.


Flag of BSSR, 1937


This is the final flag of the BSSR, adopted in 1951, 25, December. The green portion is 1/3 of the flag's height, while the red takes up the rest. The national ornament, designed by Matrena Markevich in 1917, is 1/9 of the flag's total width. The ornament is also called the "Ascending Sun." Artist - Mikhail Gusev. Law on flag adopted on 27 March 1952, Regulations adopted 8 May 1956 (new version - 9 April 1981).

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