Projects of flags for Abkhazia

Used text of article written by E.Andersen published at HTTP://WWW.ABKHAZETI.RU (reprinted by "Vexillographia" with permission)

Several projects of flags for Abkhazia designed by E.Andersen:

First variant: red flag with white hand and seven eight-pointed stars (or without stars). Hand is an ancient symbol of greeck colony of Sebastopolis (modern Sukhum, capital of Abkhazia). Eight-pointed stars taken from coat of arms of Shirvashidze dinasty. Author wrote that this project have one minus - it looks like flag of Turce from long distances.

Second type: ancient symbol of Sebastopolis + ancient flag of Georgia.

Two next projects: ancient symbol of Sebastopolis + blue cross. Blue colour choosed in memory of first greek settlements in seaside of Black Sea. Blue and white colours symbolize mountains and sea.

Next project - more close to Greek origin.

Last project ancirnt symbol of Sebastopolis in canton of black flaw with white cross. Some historicians think that black crossed flag was used in Western Georgia of XV-XVIII c.

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